Windows Application Developer for OMS

At our Siemens Advanta R&D Center we are focused on a product development including software development, hardware development, mechanical design, and testing for the next generation concept of Industry 4.0.

Project information:

We want to invite you to collaborate on development of industrial automation products. Your goal will be to extend our team and help us implement a software component called OMS. The OMS is an essence of many hardware and software products developed by SIEMENS. We developed it on a Client/Server Architecture with an intense focus on Object Orientation, including different Object Models. The Server part is in nowadays integrated in majority of controllers we deliver to market, whereas the Client part we integrate into various desktop applications. Your major focus on our team will be on the client’s side. Content of your work will be implementation of dedicated APIs to support a variety of functions, such as security mechanisms, firmware updates, file transfers or subscriptions for value updates. OMS musts run both on Linux and on Windows.

Your task will be:

Share of total responsibility of components (depends on component), i.e.:

  • Enhancement and Maintenance of product code based (incl. architectural changes when required) in coordination with the other OMS components
  • Increase the Code Quality
  • Implementation and Maintenance of functional tests to keep/increase the test coverage
  • Update of the according chapters in the User Manual (used only SIEMENS internal by other projects which use OMS)
  • Support for the other projects which use OMS
  • Participation in the test automation esp. the upgrade to an up-to-date Tooling like Jenkins
  • Participation in the topics OMS must implement for the new Open Automation Ecosystem

You can look forward to:

  • Up to 33 days of holiday (standard 5 weeks + up to 8 days from benefit system)
  • Bonus for joining our company up to CZK 100,000 (depends on the level of technical knowledge)
  • Flexible working hours and home-office
  • An individual benefit budget of at least CZK 24,000 that you can turn into a combination of up to 8 extra days off, cafeteria points or pension and / or life insurance contributions
  • Relocation bonus for the costs of moving to the place of work (CZK 100,000 if you move to the Czech Republic from abroad, CZK 50,000 if you move to Prague within the Czech Republic)
  • Contribution to meals in the form of e- vouchers
  • Contribution to Multi-sport card

What we will appreciate from you:

  • Knowledge of C++ Mid to Senior Level
  • Mid to Senior level in Object Orientation
  • Experience with development with Visual Studio

As advantage:

  • C# Knowledge
  • Experience with development for Linux
  • Experience with embedded development
  • Knowledge of script languages like Python
  • Experience in platform independent code

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Olomoucká 3419/7, 618 00  Brno-Židenice, Česká republika

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